Submissions from 2019


Learning Proverbs through Telecollaboration with Japanese Native Speakers: Facilitating L2 Learners’ Intercultural Communicative Competence, Maki Hirotani and K. Fujii

Submissions from 2018


(Learning proverbs through telecollaboration with Japanese native speakers: Facilitating L2 learners' intercultural communicative competence, Maki Hirotani and K. Fuji

Submissions from 2017

Examination of the validity of J-CAT and SPOT as a placement exam, Maki Hirotani, Kazumi Matsumoto Cantrell, and Atsushi Fukada

A Tool for Computing Objective Oral Fluency Measures Fluency Calculator and a Longitudinal Study that Demonstrates Its Use, Maki Hirotani, A. Fukada, M.S. Huston, and L. Matsumoto

The Validity of General L2 Proficiency Tests as Oral Proficiency Measures: A Japanese Learner Corpus Based Study, Maki Hirotani, A. Fukada, M.S. Huston, and L. Matsumoto

Development of the Fluency Calculator for Objective Oral Fluency Measures and Longitudinal Study on Fluency, Maki Hirotani, Saori Masumoto Houston, Atsushi Fukada, and Kazumi Matsumoto Cantrell

Examination of the Validity of J-CAT and SPOT as a Placement Exam, Maki Hirotani, K. Matsumoto, and A. Fukada

Submissions from 2016

Telecollaboration Project Between Learners of Japanese and Native Speakers: Implementation Report and Suggestions for Integrating Telecollaboration in a Languiage Curriculum, Maki Hirotani and K. Fujii

Submissions from 2015


Implementing Verbal and Non-Verbal Activities in Intercultural Collaboration Project for English Education, Maki Hirotani and K. Fujii


The Integration of a Three-Year-Long Intercultural Collaborative Project into a Foreign Language Classroom for the Development of Intercultural Competence, Maki Hirotani and K. Fujii


Research on Oral Fluency Using Objective Measures: Its Significance and Actual Computation of Measures, Maki Hirotani, K. Matsumoto, S. Masumoto, and A. Fukada

Submissions from 2013

Sutactic Complexity Development in L2 Writing: A Longitudinal Study Using Blog Corpora, Maki Hirotani


The Development of L2 Japanese Self-Introductions in an Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Language Exchange, Maki Hirotani and P. Lyddon


Research on the Development of Fluency in a CALL Integrated Environment, Maki Hirotani, K. Matsumoto, and A. Fukada

Submissions from 2012


Longitudinal Study on Fluency Among Novice Learners in Japanese, Maki Hirotani, K. Matsumoto, and F. Fukada

Submissions from 2010


The Development and Implementation of the CMC Application with Learners' Corpora, Maki Hirotani

Submissions from 2009


Synchronous Vs. Asynchronous CMC and Transfer to Japanese Oral Performance, Maki Hirotani

The Development of CMC Application with Students' Corpora and the Introduction of CMC Activities for Intermediate-Advanced Learners, Maki Hirotani

Submissions from 2008


Measuring the Impact of Tablet PCs and DyKnow Vision Software on Students' Note-Taking Strategies: A Cross-Disciplinary Case Study, Maki Hirotani, A. Chidanandan, P. Coppinger, D. Fisher, J.M. Williams, R. Rogge, S. Sexton, M. Simoni, K. Sutterer, and D. Walter


Pen-Based Computing in the Engineering and Science Classroom: Implementation Scenarios from Three Institutions, Maki Hirotani, P. Ferro, J. Frolik, A. Chidanandan, K. Schmidt, D. Walter, and J. Williams

Submissions from 2007

The Examination of the Effects of the Use of CMC Corpus, Maki Hirotani