Submissions from 2007


The polarographic determination of the formation constants of cadmium ion with some heterocyclic compounds, Daniel Morris, A.M. Huehls, and S.D. Noblitt


Method Development and Microfluidic Device Design for Separation and Detection of Modified Nucleosides, Daniel Morris and C. Sweeny

Submissions from 2006


Development of a Multi-Level Assessment for a Cross-Disciplinary Project Evaluating the Symbiosis of Tablet PCs and Collaboration-Facilitating Software in the Classroom, Rebecca DeVasher, P. Ferro, S. Kirtley, D. Mutchler, S. Sexton, A Watt, and J. Williams


What is Beyond the Laptop Initiative? Perhaps: Tablet PCs and DyKnow Vision Software, Rebecca DeVasher, M. Minster, D. Mutchler, A Watt, M. Zoetewey, A. Chindanandan, L. Merkle, S. Kirtley, S. Sexton, and J. Williams


Analysis of Modified Nucleosides Using Glass Microfluidic Devices, Daniel Morris, C.P. Thiede, A.M. Huehls, C.F. Sweeny, and A. Sihmakoun

Submissions from 2005

Development of an Organic Chemistry Experiment Involving the Competition between SN1 and E1 Mechanisms with Analysis by GC/MS, Bruce Allison and V. Franco

Solid Phase Microextraction and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction with GC/MS Spectrometric Analysis for the Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Bruce Allison and R. Poland


Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions in Aqueous Media: Recent Progress and Current Applications, Rebecca DeVasher and K. Shaughnessy


Experimental and Computational Study of Steric and Electronic Effects on the Coordination of Bulky, Water-Soluble Alkylphosphines to Palladium Under Reducing Conditions: Correlation to Catalytic Activity, Rebecca DeVasher, J. Spruell, D. Dixon, G. Broker, and R. Rogers

Molecular Modeling of DNA, Michael Mueller and L. Hall


Insulin Aggregation as Monitored by Intrinsic Fluorescence and Resonance Light Scattering, Luanne Tilstra and A. Huehls

Submissions from 2004


Aqueous-Phase, Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling of Aryl Bromides Under Mild Conditions Using Water-Soluble, Sterically Demanding Alkylphosphines, Rebecca DeVasher, L. Moore, and K. Shaughnessy


Reversed Phase HPLC Separation of Human Serum Employing a Novel Saw Tooth Gradient: Toward Multidimensional Proteome Analysis, Daniel Morris, J.N. Sutton, R.G. Harper, and A.T. Timperman

Chemical and Physical Properties of Ce Doped Strontium Fluoride Crystals, Michael Mueller, E. Hegwood, R.G. Selby, and R. Wiltfong

Submissions from 2003

Synthesis of Sattabacin via Hydroboration/Oxidation, Bruce Allison and A. Ham

Synthesis of Potential Antiviral Sattabacin Derivatives, Bruce Allison and J Parker

A Total Synthesis of Sattabacin - A Novel Antiviral Compound, Bruce Allison and C. Trobaugh


Formation of the Oxidative Damage Marker 8-Hydroxy-2'-Deoxyguanosine from the Nucleoside 2'-Deoxyguanosine: Parameter Studies and Evidence of Iron(II) Binding, Daniel Morris and B.A. Colwell

Measurement and Control of Oxidation-Reduction Potential in Wastewater Streams with Variable pH, Daniel Morris, J. Yenger, L. McElhaney, and A. Serbezov

Submissions from 2002

Progress Toward the Total Synthesis of Sattabacin, Bruce Allison and C. Nicholson

Submissions from 2001

A Novel Synthesis of Sattabacin: An Antiviral Compound, Bruce Allison and C. Nicholson

Synthesis of Nonlinear Optical Chromophores, Bruce Allison and Amy Rainbolt


Discontinuous Electrophoretic Stacking System for Cholate-Based Electrokinetic Chromatographic Separation of 8-Hydroxy-2'-Deoxyguanosine from Unmodified Deoxynucleosides, Daniel Morris, T.G. Strein, J. Palmer, and J.P. Landers


Fundamentals of Quantum Chemistry: Molecular Spectroscopy and Modern Electronic Structure Computations, Michael R. Mueller


Practical Capillary Electrophoresis, 2nd Edition (Robert Weinberger), Luanne Tilstra


Using Journal Articles to Teach Writing Skills For Laboratory Reports in General Chemistry, Luanne Tilstra

Detection of Individual Particles Separated by Capillary Electrophoresis, Luanne Tilstra, S. Gilman, and Y. Rezenom

Submissions from 2000

A Novel Synthesis of Sattabacin, Bruce Allison and S. Cohen

Total SSSynthesis of Sattabacin, Bruce Allison and D. McKinney


A Method for Measuring Potency of Narasin Extracts Using Near-IR- Spectroscopy, Daniel Morris and R.A. Forbes


Integrated Application of Electronic Structure Computations in the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum, Daniel Morris, R.K. Hessley, and M.R. Mueller


Integrated Application of Electronic Structure Computations in the Undergraduate Chemistry Curriculum, Michael R. Mueller, R.K. Hessley, and D. Morris

Submissions from 1999

Method to Enhance Learning in Physical Chemistry, Luanne Tilstra

Submissions from 1998

Kinetics and Mechanism of the Grignard Reactions with Ketones and Esters, Bruce Allison and A. Bennett

Superconducting Organic Crystals, Bruce Allison and R. Copeland

Synthesis, Chemical Modification of, and Bioactivity of Sattazolin, a New Antiviral Agent, Bruce Allison and M. Ober

Submissions from 1997

IFYCSEM - An Integrated Curriculum in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics, Edward Mottel

Lessons Learned Teaching in an Integrated, First-Year Curriculum, Edward Mottel

Submissions from 1996

The Synthesis and Tribological Performance Phosphonium/Phosphate-Based Ionic Liquids as Friction-Reducing Engine Oil Additives, Luanne F. Tilstra and W. L. Mattice


The Beta Sheet Coil Transition of Polypeptides, as Determined by Circular Dichroism, Luanne Tilstra and W. Mattice

Submissions from 1994


Carbon-13 NMR Relaxation Studies of Cycloalkylidene Bisphenols, Methyl Ethers, and Simple Benzoate Esters in Solution: Different Average Correlation Times for Dipole-Dipole and Chemical Shift Anisotropy Relaxation, Bruce Allison, Y. Lee, and J. Grutzner


Comment on: "The Problem with P. Chem", Michael Mueller


Photocatalytic Decomposition of Crude Oil Slicks Using TiO2 on a Floating Substrate, Michael Mueller and R. Berry


Formation of Titanium Gels From Titanium Alkoxides: A Demonstration of Kinetically Controlled Polymerization, Michael Mueller and J. Britt


Simultaneous Determinations of sulfur and Heat Content of Coal: Revitalization of a Traditional Physical Chemistry Experiment, Michael Mueller and K. McCorkle

Submissions from 1992


Self-Referenced Holographic Interferometer in a Rigid Dye Solution, Bruce Allison, N. Nazhestkina, and A. Siahmakoun


Simple and Inexpensive Kinetics: A Student Laboratory Experiment and Demonstration, David Erwin

Submissions from 1991


Unifying Laboratory and Lecture in General Chemistry, David Erwin

Submissions from 1986


Precipitation Polymerization of Acrylamide Using VAZO 33R as an Initiator and Acetonitrile/Water Mixtures as the Solvent, Bruce Allison, E. Tai, and J. Caskey

Submissions from 1985


Mechanism of the Reaction of Lithium Reagents with Esters, Bruce Allison, M. Al Aseer, and S. Smith


The Absorption Spectrum and Reactivity of Excited Triplet State Diphenylcarbene, Bruce Allison and K. Horn

Submissions from 1962

The β Sheet, Coil Transition of Polypeptides, as Determined by Circular Dichroism, Frank A. Guthrie