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Joshua Holden


The problem of exact polynomial factorization, in other words expressing a polynomial as a product of irreducible polynomials over some field, has applications in algebraic number theory. Although some algorithms for factorization over algebraic number fields are known, few are taught such general algorithms, as their use is mainly as part of the code of various computer algebra systems. This thesis provides a summary of one such algorithm, which the author has also fully implemented at, along with an analysis of the runtime of this algorithm. Let k be the product of the degrees of the adjoined elements used to form the algebraic number field in question, let s be the sum of the squares of these degrees, and let d be the degree of the polynomial to be factored; then the runtime of this algorithm is found to be O(d^4 s k^2 + 2^d d^3).


MSTR 17-01
Senior thesis, Computer Science and Software Engineering department.