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Modulus (Yearbooks) (Rose Modulus)

The Modulus is the student produced yearbook of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. It was first published in 1892 and was published biannually for several decades. It was published annually since the 1930s with the exception of a few years. The Modulus stopped publication after the 2003 volume, but resumed again in 2009. The final Modulus was the 2011-2012 volume. If you are looking for information on years in which the Modulus was not published please contact Ryan Roberts at ryan.roberts@rose-hulman.edu. Rose-Hulman Scholar is a Digital Commons open access repository containing a wide range of research and scholarly output. It is a central showcase for the scholarship of Rose-Hulman’s faculty, students, and professional staff. It also serves as a publishing platform and increases visibility and access to published works. Disclaimer: Archived Rose-Hulman content may contain stereotyped, insensitive or inappropriate content, such as images or text, that reflected prejudicial attitudes of their day--attitudes that should not have been acceptable then, and which would be widely condemned by today’s standards. Rose-Hulman is presenting the content as originally published because they are an archival record of a point in time. To remove offensive material now would, in essence, sanitize history by erasing the stereotypes and prejudices from historical record as if they never existed.