The card game SET can be modeled by four-dimensional vectors over Z3. These vectors correspond to points in the affine four-space of order three (AG(4,3)), where lines correspond to SETs, and in the affine plane of order nine (AG(2,9)). SETless collections and other aspects of the game of SET will be explored through caps in AG(4,3) and conics in AG(2,9).

Author Bio

Cherith Tucker is a senior mathematics major at Southern Nazarene University. She participated in Carleton College's SMP for women in the summer of 2005 and in the joint Clarkson and SUNY College at Potsdam REU in the summer of 2006. This paper was completed as a senior project at Southern Nazarene University. Cherith plans on attending graduate school at the University of Oklahoma beginning in the Fall of 2007 with the hopes of attaining a Ph.D. in mathematics.