Sponsor Guidelines

In order to have a paper published in our journal, we require that a mathematician write a letter of support. The letter may be uploaded by the authors during the submission process, or can be sent directly by you to mathjournal@rose-hulman.edu:

  • your association with the student. For example, were you the student's supervisor for the project which generated the work or did the student simply ask you to look at the paper after the work was complete.
  • your assessment of the paper. This should be similar to a referee report in its assessment, and include a comment on the originality and appropriateness for this journal. We do not require the work to be original, but we do expect the paper to be well-written (with proper references), to be interesting to a wide range of readers, and to have a level of mathematical maturity that is clearly beyond a typical homework assignment.
  • a statement verifying that the student did the work as an undergraduate.
  • your name and address as you would like it to appear in the acknowledgment of the article. You may include your email address if you wish.
  • the name(s) of potential referees for this paper. We are always interested in adding more referees for our journal.