Sponsor Guidelines

We require that a mathematician write a letter of support for each submission to the journal. For this journal, the requirement to serve as sponsor is to have "advanced mathematical training". In the past we have had university faculty, advanced graduate students, and high school teachers act as sponsors. Sponsors may not appear as a co-author of a paper; however, they are listed separately as "Faculty Sponsor".

The results contained in the paper need not be original. However, the paper needs to be well-written (with proper references), to be interesting to a wide audience, and to have a level of mathematical maturity that is clearly beyond a typical homework assignment. Some sources of excellent papers are REU projects, summer internships, senior projects, competition papers, or exceptional class projects. If the paper is expository in nature, the paper should provide more than a summary of the standard text in the field. For example, the paper might contain numerous original examples, include historical context, or interleave multiple sources to create an original perspective.

Papers published in the journal must be written in the style of professional mathematics papers: first person plural, present tense, and active voice. Papers that originated as senior projects or competition results may require significant rewriting prior to publication. Student authors, especially those whose native language is not English, should be encouraged to avail themselves of their institute’s writing center or similar service to ensure that the paper is readable. Please work with the student to ensure that the initial submission is reasonably well written.

The letter of support may be sent directly by you to mathjournal@rose-hulman.edu. In the letter, please include:

  • The name(s) of potential referees for this paper. Listing two or three potential referees is extremely useful as it helps us process submissions in a timely manner. We are always interested in adding more referees for our journal.
  • Your association with the student. For example, were you the student's supervisor for the project which generated the work or did the student simply ask you to look at the paper after the work was complete?
  • Your assessment of the paper. This assessment should specifically include comments on the originality of the work and appropriateness for this journal in light of the guidelines above.
  • A statement verifying that the student did the work as an undergraduate.
  • Your name as you would like it to appear in the acknowledgment of the article.