We consider the free boundary isoperimetric problem in sectors of the Gauss plane. The solution is not always a circular arc as in sectors of the Euclidean plane. We prove that the solution is sometimes a ray and we conjecture that the solution is sometimes a "rounded n-gon" which we discovered computationally using Mathematica.

Author Bio

Elizabeth Adams, Williams '06, begins teaching with Teach for America in the Bay area in Fall 2006.

Ivan Corwin, Harvard '06, plans to work for a year and then enter the PhD program in math at Stanford.

Diana Davis, Williams '07, plans to pursue a Ph.D. degree.

Michelle Lee continued this research in a undergraduate Honors thesis at Williams with Professor Frank Morgan. In Fall 2006 she enters the PhD program at the University of Michigan

Regina Visocchi, graduates in Spring 2006 from Michigan State University with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Italian. She is now completing her student teaching.