This paper is a continuation of [1] which provides formulae for the probability distributions of the number of Okazaki fragments at time t during the process of DNA replication. Given the expressions for the moments of the probability distribution of the number of Okazaki fragments at time t in the recursive form, we evaluated formulae for the third and fourth moments, using Mathematica, and obtained results in explicit form. Having done this, we calculated the distribution's skewness and kurtosis.

Author Bio

Krzysztof Bartoszek lived in South Africa from 1990 to 1998. Currently I am studying Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Gdansk University of Technology. I plan to specialize in Computational Biology. My hobbies include horse riding, mathematics and programming. The paper was written as a contribution to the paper "On the Time behaviour of Okazaki Fragments" by Krzysztof Bartoszek and Wojciech Bartoszek to published in the Journal of Applied Probability (Vol 43, No2, 2006).

In 2004 Justyna Signerska passed International Baccalaureate. Currently I am studying Applied Mathematics at GdanskUniveristy of Technology. I am interested at realistic mathematical modelling of biological phenomena, especially in neuroscience. My hobbies include mathematics, art and mountain climbing.