When should a person leave a baseball game in order to maximize his/her enjoyment? How does this decision depend on the score of the game? Assuming a modified logistic rate of departure from the stadium, and a constant maximum exit rate from the parking lot, we find optimal strategies for leaving games of various scores.

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I am currently a second year student at Hope College. I intend to major in both Mathematics and Physics. Hopefully I am able to attend graduate school and possibly pursue a career as a professor. As Tim may have mentioned my personal interests are in the area sports. I enjoy pretty much all types of athletic activity. \

This project was done during the 2003 summer REU at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. I am a Junior at Hope College and will be majoring in Chemistry and Mathematics. I am currently looking at Medical School (Pediatrics to be more specific) or graduate studies in either chemistry or mathematics (pretty specific huh?). I love to play Ultimate Frisbee, and in the future I plan to research the physics of the frisbees with my partner, Brandon Alleman. I had a great research experience at Hope College and would like to thank Tim Pennings for all of his help and humorous inputs.

This research was done during the Summer 2002 REU at Central Michigan University under the direction of Dr. Ken W. Smith. This was after my sophomore year at the University of Missouri - Rolla. My mathematical interests are group, graph, and number theories. Outside of academia, I love to jitterbug and lindy hop and am an active member (currently president) of the Ballroom Dancing Club at my university. In addition, I am slowly but surely learning the art of Tai Chi Chu'an. In what spare time I have left, I am also working on my first reading of the Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series.