The question might not be as profound as Shakespeare's, but nevertheless, it is interesting. Because few people seem to be aware of quasi p-groups, we will begin with a bit of history and a definition; and then we will determine for each group of order less than 24 (and a few others) whether the group is a quasi p-group for some prime p or not. This paper is a prequel to [Hwd]. In [Hwd] we prove that (Z3 x Z3) x Z2 and Z5 x Z4 are quasi 2-groups. Those proofs now form a portion of Proposition (12.1) It should also be noted that [Hwd] may also be found in this journal.

Author Bio

This is the result of research I did in the summer of 2001 with a Greaves Summer Fellowship at Northern Kentucky University. At the time I was between by sophomore and junior years. I had been interested in Group Theory since Abstract Algebra 1 the fall before, and upon learning of the program, my advisor, Dr. Chris Christensen, told me of quasi p-groups. I then set out to find and classify all of the quasi p-groups of order less than 24.