We numerically study solutions to a length-structured matrix model for fish populations in which the probability that a fish grows into the next length class is a decreasing nonlinear function of the total biomass of the population. We make conjectures about the convergence properties of solutions to this equation, and give numerical simulations which support these conjectures. We also study the distribution of biomass in the different age classes as a function of the total biomass.

Author Bio

This work was completed during the summer of 2020, much of the work was done via online video calls due to Covid-19 protocols. Geigh Zollicoffer is a Computer Science and Math double major from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is currently a Data Scientist in Omaha Ne, volunteers for Food for All UK as a software engineer, and volunteers as a pianist for church sermons. He is planning to apply to attend an applied mathematics program in the Fall of 2021