This paper is an introduction to rose links and some of their properties. We used a series of invariants to distinguish some rose links that are rotationally symmetric. We were able to distinguish all 3-component rose links and narrow the bounds on possible distinct 4 and 5-component rose links to between 2 and 8, and 2 and 16, respectively. An algorithm for drawing rose links and a table of rose links with up to five components are included.

Author Bio

Amelia Brown received a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Simpson College in 2012. Research for this paper was conducted in the fall term of her senior year. While at Simpson College, she participated in the 2011 Dr. Albert H. & Greta A. Bryan Summer Research Program and presented work at MathFest 2011 in Lexington, Kentucky. She also presented work at the 2011 and 2012 Midwest Undergraduate Mathematics Symposia at Simpson College.