In this paper, we construct a single hyperbola G that, along with a straight edge and compass, allow for the trisection of any angle. Descartes constructed a parabola with this property in his original treatment of analytic geometry. Unlike Descartes's proof, the proof that all angles can be trisected with the hyperbola G is a geometric rather than an algebraic argument.

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Julie Fink is a junior Mathematics and Linguistics undergraduate at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. She enjoys cross stitching and biking. She is also training to be a Tetris master. She plans on pursuing a graduate degree in Mathematics hopefully leading to professorship.

Nicholas Molbert is an undergraduate at The University of Louisiana at Lafayette who holds a BS in Mathematics. He loves to read, write, think and create original ideas. While he intends to use his degree in Mathematics in an unconventional way, he wishes to pursue a degree in creative writing and become a writer or work in academia as a literature professor.