We consider an inviscid shell model of turbulence with the addition of Itô and Stratonovich multiplicative stochastic forcing. Numerical simulations are performed for both models that show dissipation of energy at an algebraic rate. A comparison between the Itô and Stratonovich effects is examined. Positivity of solutions is discussed and demonstrated numerically.

Author Bio

Kristen Campilonga is a junior mathematics and economics double major at University of Maryland. The work she did at University of Wyoming was the first opportunity she had with mathematical research. It was a great experience to be able to work on a project about turbulence with Dr. Hakima Bessaih as a mentor. She also found it very encouraging to work with two other undergraduate students. She plans to go on to graduate school in either applied math or economics upon graduation.

Dennis Gucker is an undergraduate Physics major at the University of Northern Colorado. He grew up in Indonesia and has traveled much of his life. He has many interests that include sports, hiking, music and just about any applied science. Dennis is interested in attending graduate school to study either industrial robotics or aeronautical engineering.

Joshua Keller is a junior Applied Mathematics and Linguistics major at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. This work was completed at the 2009 University of Wyoming REU, which was his first mathematical research experience. Joshua plans to pursue graduate studies in either Applied Mathematics or Biostatistics.