The Rose-Hulman Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (R-SURF) fund research across campus in all disciplines. This page collects the technical reports written by students funded through R-SURF, along with the papers and posters that are presented by these students at the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Research Symposium. The research recorded here in some sense represents a conference journal for the R-SURF program and the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Research Symposium. The papers and posters submitted here have been reviewed by the faculty mentors and authors for accuracy with supplemental review for clarity of exposition by other faculty involved in the R-SURF program.

The R-SURF program builds upon the past programs of the Integrated Research Collaborative Program, the Rose-Hulman Summer Undergraduate Research Program and the Joseph B. and Reba A. Weaver Undergraduate Research Awards and combines them under one umbrella. Works created under the prior programs can be found here (link to other page).


Submissions from 2019


Investigating the Removal of Stormwater Pollutants in Small-Scale, Constructed Treatment Wetlands, Katlyn Edwards


Development of a foot interface to control supernumerary robotics limbs, Emma Morris