Submissions from 2013


Student Field Studies in Kenya, Michael Kukral

Submissions from 2012

Study Guide to Accompany Jordan-Bychkov and Domosh's The Human Mosaic: A Cultural Approach to Human Geography, 12th Ed., Michael A. Kukral

Submissions from 2011

Study Guide to Accompany the Fundamentals of the Human Mosaic, Michael Kukral

Study Guide to Accompany Fundamentals of the Human Mosaic, Michael A. Kukral

Submissions from 2010

The Decades After the Velvet Revolution: Prague 1989: Theater of Revolution, Michael Kukral


The Czech Reader: History, Culture, Politics, Michael A. Kukral, Jan Bažant, Nina Bažantová, and Frances Starn

Submissions from 2008

Automatic Music for the Huddled Masses, Michael Kukral and B. Berkman

Submissions from 2007

Beyond Ellis Island: A Story About Czech Immigrants on the Farm, Michael Kukral

The Story of My Life, Michael Kukral

Submissions from 2005


Czech Settlements in 19th Century Cleveland, Ohio, Michael Kukral

Submissions from 2001

Perpetuating Prague: Simulacra of Place, Michael Kukral

Submissions from 1997

Prague 1989 : Theater of Revolution : a study in humanistic political geography, Michael A. Kukral