Date of Award

Fall 11-23-2020

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Optical Engineering


Department of Physics and Optical Engineering

First Advisor

Housein Alisafaee

Second Advisor

Azad Siahmakoun

Third Advisor

Jay McCormack


During the past two decades, many advancements in the field of optical design have occurred. Some of the more recent topics and concepts regarding optical system design are complex and require a comprehensive understanding of aberration theory, in-depth knowledge and experience with optical design software, and extensive lens design experience. This thesis focuses on the development and application of simpler methods for successful lens design for standard and miniaturized imaging systems. The impact of manufacturing tolerances of an optical system is considered, analyzed, and tested. A study of various design approaches using optical design software is presented. The design approaches introduced focus on the as-built performance of the lens, and their results are compared to determine the most effective design approach. The results of the different design approaches considered were then applied to the design of a mobile phone camera. The topics of tolerancing and miniaturized lens design are considered together during the design process for a cellphone camera. The performance, manufacturability, and design process of the cellphone camera are also presented, along with suggestions on possible improvement for future work. The as-built performance of the final design compared to the initial design resulted in a 2.5 times improvement in performance for the same percent-yield.