Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Chemical Engineering (MChE)


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Charles Joenathan

Second Advisor

Robert Bunch

Third Advisor

Ashley Bernal


High accuracy tilt or roll angle measurement is required for a variety of engineering and scientific applications. Optical interferometry is normally used because it is non-contact and can measure tilt with a very high degree of accuracy. In this thesis, a cyclic interferometer has been developed with four mirrors to measure tilt angles as small as a few nanoradians. To measure the phase, a novel and simple method of phase shift by polarization was developed to enhance measurement sensitivity and accuracy. Since the cyclic interferometer is insensitive to external vibrations and turbulences, polarization phase step was accomplished with relative ease. To introduce the phase shift, a quarter wave plate and a half wave plate were used with a polarized laser beam. Multiple reflections were also introduced in the cyclic interferometer to enhance tilt measurement capability. A new method was developed to evaluate phase and eventually measure the tilt even in the case of changing fringe visibility. The results of these studies show that the multiple reflection cyclic interferometer can be used to measure object tilts in the order of 0.2 nanoradians or 10-5 arc second.