Date of Award

Winter 12-2018

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (MSChE)


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Neumann, Greg T.

Second Advisor

Robinson, Michael A.

Third Advisor

Poland, Stephanie J.


Remediation of textile wastewater, particularly concerning dyes, has been a longstanding concern. With the rise of more stringent regulations, the study of advanced methods of waste treatment is becoming necessary. The objective of this study was to synthesize and observe the use of a heterogeneous catalyst in a Fenton reaction by doping an SBA-15 catalyst support with iron. The catalyst was successfully synthesized, was easily filterable, exhibited resistance to acidic environments, and showed thermal stability. When used in a Fenton’s Reagent reaction setup, the single trial use of the catalyst achieved a final dye conversion of 86.8% at the optimal conditions of 2 g/L catalyst to volume ratio, 0.15 wt% Fe catalyst, 20 mM of H2O2, and temperature of 30 ⁰C. Reusability was a concern, as iron was observed to be leaching from the catalyst, and suggestions for preventing leaching and enhancing reusability were presented.

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