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Simon Jones


Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology excels in many fields, however in the field of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers (CFRPs) there is a significant lack of knowledge. Over the 2015 summer I started accumulating and building a knowledge base for the institute to help future students who have interest in this ever expanding field. This report covers many of the learnings I found in the structures of fiber reinforced polymers, manufacturing processes and controls, testing procedures and standards, important considerations in the design process of CFRPs, and analysis capabilities and methods. This report is organized as a series of short guides to assist students with the individual subject matters at hand. While many of these are bolstered by the knowledge provided in other parts of the document, due to the multifaceted approach to the problem, this is a much easier way to communicate the information to undergraduate science and engineering students trying to work reliably with CFRPs or other composite materials. Special thanks to the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering Department for supporting this project.


RHURP 16-02