Recent developments in Adoptive Immunotherapy for cancer management have lead clinicians to employ these techniques in hospital settings. Much data has been produced that indicates the effectiveness of introducing enhanced and expanded immune systems into cancer hosts. In this retrospective study we take another look at the Kirschner mathematical model for immune-tumor interactions in light of data presented by Rosenburg on patients with Metastatic Melanoma or Renal Cell Cancer.

Author Bio

Asad is a senior at the University of Michigan majoring in Mathematics - Biological, and in Psychology. I will be attending Medical School in the Fall of 2006, after studying Biostatistics at the School of Public Health. I also like kites, because it is reflective of our lives on this earth extending into the heavens in a controlled chaos.Chris and I wrote the paper in a class entitled Mathematical Biology 463 - Modeling of Biological Systems.

Chris is a Pure Mathematics major with a minor in Environmental Geology, but he dabbles in applied mathematics and mathematical biology, which is where this paper originated. He will be pursuing a Ph. D. in Pure Mathematics in the very near future, and enjoys teaching and tutoring mathematics as well. He enjoys soccer, tennis, and a wide variety of board games, and his most interesting academic pursuit is the strategic analysis of multi-player combinatorial games.