Date of Award

Summer 6-29-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Optical Engineering

First Advisor

Scott Kirkpatrick

Second Advisor

Hossein Alisfaee

Third Advisor

Edward Wheeler


Characterization and simulation of an innovative solid-state distributed feedback master oscillator power amplifier (solid-state DFB MOPA) are presented, using interface polaritons (IPs) that enhance wave propagations at gain-loss interfaces in active layers. The author set up the design of the fabricated device, and a company, Freedom photonics, collaborated with us, allowing me to modify some of their designed MOPA systems. The master oscillator (MO) consists of a patterned grating on a waveguiding region to transfer only a single mode of 1.550 μm wavelength. The power amplifier (PA) is fabricated with the MO to reduce power loss and tapered to amplify a single low-power mode from the MO. This PA region has a difference from other tapered PAs, containing an unpumped central area to have additional IPs. The simulation analyzes modeling characteristics of output light power, responding to different geometric parameters. The characterization includes far-field profiles, LIV, spectrum, and FWHM of the new device measured from experiments, compared with counterparts of a standard model.

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Optics Commons