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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)


Mechanical Engineering

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Zachariah Chambers

Second Advisor

Lorraine Olson

Third Advisor

William Weiner


The study of aquaponics in academia has been slowly gaining momentum, but the majority of the research and testing performed is done in an informal, backyard setting. This publication seeks to collate the widespread information into a singular location, as well as to outline various methods by which the necessary tasks can be accomplished. The ammonia production rate of the aquatic life in the system, whether living or deceased, was also explored in order that a more accurate model of the ammonia and nitrate levels of the system may be created. It was found that 20 tilapia produced approximately 3,300 mg of ammonia in 11 hours with minimal to no feed provided. It was also found that a fish which had been dead for approximately 0.5 days produced approximately 0.83 mg of ammonia per hour, while two fish which had been dead for approximately four days produced approximately 6.309 mg of per hour.