Submissions from 2020


City on Fire: Technology, Social Change, and the Hazards of Progress in Mexico City, S. J. Martland

Submissions from 2017


Fire and Faith: The Coverage of a Disaster in Chile Revealed Religious Divisions Among the World’s Press., Samuel Martland

Submissions from 2014


El Gran Incendio de Valparaíso, Samuel Martland


Standardizing the State While Integrating the Frontier: The Chilean Telegraph System in the Araucanía, 1870–1900, Samuel Martland

Submissions from 2012


Taming Fire in Valparaiso, Samuel Martland

Submissions from 2009


Social and Political Fault Lines: The Valparaiso Earthquake of 1906, Samuel Martland

Social and Political Fault Lines, & The Valparaiso Earthquake or 1906, Samuel J. Martland

The Czech Reader: History, Culture, Politics, Samuel J. Martland

Submissions from 2008


Trade, Progress, and Patriotism: Defining Valparaíso, Chile, 1818-1875, Samuel Martland

Submissions from 2007


Reconstructing the City, Constructing the State: Government in Valparaíso After the Earthquake of 1906, Samuel Martland

Submissions from 2004

The World Wide Web at 10, The Dream and the Reality, William B. Pickett, Mark A. Ardis, R. Cailliau, Jean-Francois Abramatic, Lee Rainie, and Charles R. Nesson

Submissions from 2000

Eisenhower Decides to Run: Presidential Politics and Cold War Strategy, William B. Pickett

Submissions from 1999


To Be The Best: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 1974-1999, William B. Pickett

Submissions from 1995

Dwight David Eisenhower and American Power, William B. Pickett

Submissions from 1990

Homer E. Capehart: A Senator Life, 1897-1979, William B. Pickett

Submissions from 1977

Technology at the Turning Point, William B. Pickett

Submissions from 1974

Homer E. Capehart, The Making of a Hoosier Senator, William B. Pickett