Submissions from 2016

Engineers at Play: Games as Teaching Tools for Undergraduate Engineering Students, Anastasio Daniel

Submissions from 2012

Avoiding Cracks in Nanoparticle Films, Nolte Adam

Humidity-Responsive Gas Barrier of Hydrogen-Bonded Polymer-Clay Multilayer Thin Films, Nolte Adam

One-Step Index-Tunable Antireflection Coatings from Aggregated Silica Nanoparticles, Nolte Adam

Submissions from 2011

Humidity Swelling/Deswelling Hysteresis in a Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Film, Nolte Adam

Adsorption Equilibrium of Water Vapor on Selexsorb-CDX Commercial Activated Alumina Adsorbent, Serbezov Atanas